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How to Create an Account

Use the Guide-line below to Create an account and also pay for the form online using our payment gate-way.

  • Create and account and make payment
  1. Create an Account if you don't already have.
  2. You can only have one account
  3. If you apply more than once you stand the risk of being disqualified
  4. After filling all the required fields, check your mail inbox (or spam) for the validation mail
  5. click on the link and verify your email address
  6. If you don't verify your account within two weeks, your account will be deleted
  • Login to continue registration
  1. Login using your e-mail and password to continue registration
  2. You can save and continue anytime but most finish before closing date
  3. If you successfully finish your registration please print a copy of the print a copy and send it to
  4. Proceed to the payment engine and enter your card details
  5. Then print your reciept and